Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Source of income

All businesses need money from somewhere to ensure that they can run efficiently, bigger businesses have many ways of making money. Many businesses make money from their own products, however they also make money from sponsorship deals with other companies.

Microsoft is a company that gets most of their money from their products. This screenshot illustrates how Microsoft made their money in 2013. As you can see Microsoft office was the biggest area, this gain illustrates the fact that all Office products are big sellers in their market. Again Windows brought a lot of money in for Microsoft, this again shows that consumers trust their products. However things like entertainment consoles and online service had a low take. In my opinion this was a surprise as I felt that online services were a big part of Microsoft. However if I was to look at more recent figures it would show me that this would of gone up, this is because they have made more apps and have also released the Xbox one. I feel that the new figure would show a decrease on products like PC’s as they now have things like tablets and smart phones.

Reference List

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